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I am a Designer of Brands and Interactions who works with Print & Digital (but mostly Digital). Currently Living in Glasgow, UK, and working for clients world wide.

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Things For Lovely & Amazing Clients.

Delightful Interactions

Magic and intrigue that make people smile, or do sit-ups.

From classic phone applications logging fitness in a friendly manner to cutting edge explorative projects that are almost art and the user controls an entire IMAX theater. .

Lovely Brands

Recognition & Trust

Today, trust and communication with your users, customers and partners is a key part of what drives you forward in the marketplace. I can help you find the right voice and medium to talk to the people that matter the most to you. .

Moving Images and Sounds

Explaining Complicated Concepts, Animated Infographics or Just Selling the Coolest Shoe Ever?

Video remain one of the most effective ways to reach an audience. I can help you produce a range of video products of different scale, ranging between animated small bumpers to full scale productions documenting your business. .

Things On The Web

Reaching the right people on the web.

The world wide web can be a large and complicated place. I can help you build a user centered platform that helps you communicate with the right people in the right way..

Great Projects With Amazing People


Celemi – Website

Client: Celemi AB


The Spherical Input-Output Experiment

Client: University of Glasgow


Spherical Interaction — Celtic Connections

Client: University of Glasgow - Celtic Connections


QD Events Presentation Video

Client: QD Events


Fitter Fans App

Client: Fitter Fans


Hermitage – Hotel of the Future

Client: Self Initiated University Project - D&AD


Tweeddale Whisky

Client: Tweeddale



Client: Bolster


Dewars Whisky Idents

Client: Dewars Whisky / Bacardi



Client: CISAC



Client: Akelius Fastigheter


The Buro Design Thinking Cafe

Client: Buro Design Thinking Partners


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